What Is a Partnerships Manager

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Although ”resale” indicates that one party sells the product of the other party, business flows both ways in the best partnerships. PayScale, sometimes referred to as a corporate account manager or strategic partnership manager, describes a partnership manager as being responsible for maintaining, maintaining, and developing relationships between business partners. They identify ways to increase revenue for all companies in the partnership by helping each partner build on their strengths and address the shortcomings of their partner companies. When we realized what made a reseller successful, we refined the role by adapting the team to more than 100 CAM worldwide. Of course, we weren`t the first company to hire CAMs – often referred to as Partner Relationship Managers or simply Partnership Managers – and many companies created the role afterwards. Emma Sinai, Head of customer success at PartnerStack, has observed the same in her many interactions with successful partnership managers. She and her team work with partner relationship managers on a daily basis to help them take advantage of the PartnerStack platform. This gives him a unique insight into what the best managers do: ”We see that the best partnership managers are invested in the success of their partners. They tick all the normal boxes as helpful, responsive and attentive, but their innate passion leads them to take on tasks outside of their job description. They get to know their partners and the companies they represent and customize their approach to each partner and reseller. Partnership managers should remain in regular contact with all partners and support and lead new projects that lead to stronger partnerships. TechTarget suggests that the role of a partnership manager is not limited to interacting with partner companies, but also includes actively negotiating and maintaining new sales agreements with customers. Training partner teams in identifying, initiating and maintaining business relationships improves the chances of a successful partnership.

A Product Partnership Manager is one of the positions typically found in the digital commerce industry. Let`s take a look at what this entails. PartnerStack identifies several desirable skills in managing strategic partners, including working with each partner`s resource constraints, providing sales and product training, and identifying and communicating new avenues that the partnership can pursue. This position typically requires at least a bachelor`s degree in business and contract negotiation skills. Additional experiences that lead to success include, but are not limited to: Partner managers are individual contributors who support a company`s partnership efforts. Typically, partner managers communicate directly with partners and internal teams. Partner managers often have a handful of partnerships that they need to own, manage and support. Therefore, this list should be desirable for each individual partner manager. Similarly, channel managers and resellers shouldn`t expect all of these things from one person. Pat Ahern from marketing agency Junto told us how John Carsia of SEMRush is doing everything she can to help her team grow, even acting as a sales and hybrid account manager and introducing potential customers to help Junto grow.

While roles in sales, marketing, and customer success may require partner activities, the partner manager role is often the first partner-specific position in a partnership career. According to LinkedIn, there are now more than 100,000 partner managers worldwide, and companies like Google, Microsoft, and Amazon Web Services each employ 1,000 to 2,000 partner managers. Lee Gladish, co-founder of Reply, shared a similar view. ”Great partnership managers share industry ideas and trends. You stay one step ahead. They need to be the experts in the industry and a resource for knowledge and connections. » Are you ready to embark on partnerships for the first time or take your career to the next level? Partnership Leaders helps technology professionals achieve their goals and achieve results for their organizations through tactical resources, networking, and events. Download the Partnerships Career Progression Handbook to learn how to land your first role in partnerships and climb the ladder to a leadership role. Success builds success. As you increase the number of partnerships that have grown and prospered under your leadership, you will gain more prestige and cultivate more connections that will help you increase future success and increase influence in negotiating raises and promotions. Then there are the partnership managers who roll up their sleeves and are part of the team.

That`s what Jonathan Aufray of Growth Hackers liked most about his HubSpot CAM, James Desmond. He said: ”James has been very helpful in onboarding, landing page optimization, copywriting, conversion rate optimization, and email marketing. James set them up with a semi-automated marketing and sales process that allowed us to generate more leads and sales from our increased traffic. The role was also well summarized by one of my protégés and the current vice president of global partner programs at HubSpot, Katie Ng-Mak. ”The top channel account managers at HubSpot have expertise in product knowledge, strong sales skills, business acumen, and partner goal setting. Most importantly, the best CAM have a coaching mindset and a partner-first mentality that allows them to establish a relationship of trust with partners. ”A partnership manager helps business partners establish a working relationship by making compromises and achieving goals. They work with business leaders to generate profits for each company and can be employed on a project basis or on a permanent basis.

The professional qualifications of a partnership manager often include a bachelor`s degree in business administration or administration and experience. Strong communication and negotiation skills are also important for this job. The ultimate goal of a partnership manager is to increase the skills and relationships of the partnership companies to such an extent that the manager is no longer needed to maintain the partnership. Once you have trained the partner teams to succeed and grow even without you, you can proceed to negotiate and maintain the next partnership. You might also be interested in becoming a product partnership manager. In this case, it is natural to wonder what skills and qualifications are needed for this position. Of course, these can vary from company to company, but typical requirements typically include: Greg Kelly, head of partner programs at Vidyard, commented, ”A successful channel account manager is someone who understands both the opportunities and the cost of partnering for each party.

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